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New Member Checklist

Starting on November 9th, Members-elect have many important decisions to make before being sworn in.  Use this checklist to make sure you and your staff have all the IT and communications solutions you need to hit the ground running on Day One.

  1. Get Started with IQ CRM.

    To select IQ as your CRM vendor, download and email your signed contract to  If you have already submitted your contract, contact your IT Consultant to get started on the basics on IQ and begin processing mail.

  2. Select an IT Maintenance provider.

    Our House IT Support plan (HITS) offers comprehensive technical support both in DC and in your District Office for all your desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, scanners and any other technology you may be using.  To select HITS as your IT maintenance plan, download and email your signed contract to

  3. Select a website vendor.

    Our designers work directly with you to build a custom website with all the features you need at a competitive price. Contact us for pricing.

  4. Purchase a Voter Data File

    Load your new CRM system with fresh contact data so you can quickly connect with the people just voted you into office. Contact us for pricing.

  5. Schedule a Telephone Town Hall

    Telephone Town Halls are an easy and personal way to engage with your constituency. Connect with thousands of constituents in real time from the comfort of your office. Contact us for pricing.

  6. Purchase New Office Equipment

    Most Freshman Members will inherit some of their predecessors’ office equipment. In many cases, this equipment is old and out-of-date. Contact us to upgrade or supplement your IT equipment.


Your Client Work Order (CWO) is the services agreement you submit when you select a vendor.  Click here to download ours.

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