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Digital Advertising

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Reach your constituents faster with targeted digital advertising

We like to think of digital advertising as "direct mail for digital." Just like a targeted printed mailing, digital ads target specific households but provide you with clear and measurable results. Our digital advertising is location-based, targeting all devices in specific households based on location without guessing or waste. This strategy is 11x more accurate than cookie-based targeting and doesn't waste your advertising budget on targeting non-human internet traffic, such as bots.
Our digital advertising uses hyper-accurate targeting methods to help offices promote upcoming events, announce legislative priorities, advertise constituent services, and communicate with less-engaged constituents via programmatic digital display and video ads. We offer three digital advertising products to help you reach your constituents with the right message.

List-Based Device ID Targeting

Our list-based device ID targeting allows us to match your constituents using their physical addresses. You provide us the addresses you want to target and our GPS mapping technology matches those physical addresses with device IDs living at that geographic location. Then we use our ad network to deliver your digital ads directly to their devices.


Using our sophisticated geo-fencing technology, we can draw polygons (not radii or zip code radius) around target buildings or neighborhoods and serve ads directly to devices located within that area.

Search + Contextual Targeting

Become “digitally responsive” by targeting a list of your constituents and key search terms (i.e. Who is my representative? How do I get help with Social Security?) and immediately be able to serve a digital ad to those constituents.


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