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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

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Leidos Citrix is a "no touch required" service that we can deliver to anyone using any computer or iPad anywhere.  We deliver a secure Windows work environment on the House network that has IQ and MS Office (Outlook), access to all House Cloud File Folders (Common Drive and Personal Folder), and can even print to in-office printers.  Each Congressional Office has their own private environment.  There is nothing to carry or pick up or anything that needs to be added to office inventory that has to be accounted for later.  There is zero intermingling between the external device being used to initiate the citric session and the private House network work environment for office/individual users (nothing from inside the House network can touch the external device and vice versa). 

Citrix is bandwidth friendly because it uses different technology (it sips bandwidth compared to a traditional VPN connection).  Comcast, FIOS, Cox (ISPs)...they all built their offerings around the premise that you and your kids would be at work all day and only need to spike your usage after school and after work.  Now you are home, the kids are home, and the same is true for all your neighbors using the same internet provider. Kids with distance learning, Netflix..etc. and one or more working adults all needing bandwidth in your home....this where better technology like Citrix can make a big difference.  In addition to ISP problems the House VPN has been saturated as the mass movement to telework has began.  Leidos Citrix is not overbooked and is scaled up for every individual customer (we grow the system as users get added so there is always enough capacity).  Leidos Citrix is always on and always ready.  It wont have to be replaced in 4 years like a computer and is a much more secure and durable continuity of operations method than giving every worker a second computer that can get lost, be compromised, and in a few years will need to be replaced.

Citrix Remote Access/Virtual Work Environment:

o   We can get people working from anywhere as long as they have a House VPN credential and access to the internet with no need to leave their homes

o   We can enable end users access to a Windows work environment on the House network from any device, anywhere

o   Window desktop presented to each end user logging in is a fully configured end point on House network (with all the security and active directory polices)

o   There is zero intermingling between the virtual windows environment that each user can access and the host system being used to establish a connection (fully encrypted access)

o   Avoids the VPN congestion and slowness issues and is much more bandwidth friendly on home internet connection

o   This service is offered under the main House tech services contract, requires a onetime activation fee and an updated client work order

o   We have almost 300 customers in 6 offices currently taking advantage

o   Work on any computer or iPad.  We have customers that have had success leveraging and iPad and Bluetooth keyboard to get work done on the virtual window desktop

o   Each virtual environment is office specific (no one else can access) and gives each user ability to use the full MS Office 365 Suite and access to their House network file folders

o   Can print to in office network printers

o   Full integration with IQ


Please use the form below to get in touch about setting up Citrix for your staff today.