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Social Media

IQ offers the most comprehensive social media integration of any CRM on the Hill. We'll link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts with IQ so you can capture and respond in-kind to every inbound comment or message. Use the Social Media Center in IQ to monitor trends, track audience growth and analyze key performance indicators. 

Social Media Center

The IQ Social Media Center takes a “big data” approach to social listening and analytics by giving you instant access to key performance indicators on each of your social channels.  Use the Social Media Center to track engagement trends, monitor audience growth, watch trending topics and import every interaction directly into your system.  All from one screen.  All without leaving IQ.  Click here to see more.

Multiple Channels. One CRM.

Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube means IQ users can track and respond to social media comments and messages from a single secure system. IQ empowers you to drive engagement in your community and get a clear look at the issues that matter most based on in-depth analysis of every interaction on your social channels—all saved in one centralized database.

IQ Stream

Designed to provide an easy way to monitor your social channels in real time, IQ Stream provides an integrated live feed of your office’s Twitter timeline, plus Facebook, Instagram and YouTube comments. Use IQ Stream to keep an eye on what's going on outside the office or save and archive any activity you see for later analysis or response.