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Reports and Analytics

IQ is delivered out-of-the-box with dozens of interactive mobile-ready reports and dashboards that provide clear visibility into office activities. Advanced analytics tools are featured throughout the system, giving you actionable metrics in real time on communications, staff productivity, event details and more. Your Chief of Staff will love them.

Executive Summary Report

When the Member, Chief of Staff or other management-level staff need a fast and accurate snapshot of all office activity, the executive summary report provides a real-time look behind the scenes in your office. With just one click, you can generate a simple, yet detailed report that breaks down office communications and services rendered by issue, geography, source and other demographic criteria plus metrics on staff productivity and much more. The executive summary provides actionable insights allowing users to go beyond the surface and drill into the report for data-driven decision making.

Outreach Analytics

IQ makes it easy to gain valuable insights after every newsletter you send. With just one click, you get access to a comprehensive data set that includes open rates, survey responses, mobile vs. desktop views, bounce-backs, opt-ins, click-throughs and shares. These insights allow you optimize future outreach by performing side-by-side performance testing and even analyzing which sections of your newsletters generate the most engagement. 

Custom Reports

Every office runs differently than the next. That’s why IQ is built with the flexibility to build custom reports on any business process you perform in your office. Connect with your IT Consultant to get started on a custom report designed just for you.