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The IQ Outreach application provides an intuitive platform for building custom outbound content like eNewsletters, surveys and encrypted web forms—plus tools for offline communication like telephone town halls and printed mailings.

eNewsletter Wizard

The eNewsletter wizard in IQ makes it easy to create and send beautiful, professional-looking email outreach to your constituents. Use the data already in IQ to send highly specific, targeted emails to constituent groups like veterans or senior citizens, or blast out key messages to your entire contact list. Embedding interactive content like videos and surveys is as easy as pointing and clicking and the drag-and-drop functionality allows you to easily mix and match sections of your layout until it's just right. Once your email has gone out, a single click gives you access to reports with key performance indicators like open rates, click-throughs, opt-ins and more.

Surveys and Web Forms

The Outreach application provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating interactive surveys with real time results and encrypted web forms—both of which can be embedded in a newsletter or shared online through your website or social media channels. Because Outreach shares the same database as the other IQ applications, survey responses and web form submissions can be automatically tagged to contacts in IQ with no extra data entry needed.

Audience Builder

The audience builder in IQ allows you to create custom audiences for all kinds of outbound communications. Whether you're creating an audience for normal email outreach, a 499, a telephone town hall, an event invitation or even postal mail, the Audience Builder makes it easy to build a totally custom audience. You simply start with a predetermined contact list that you use regularly and filter down based on affiliation or issue codes, geographic data, demographic attributes, voting history and more.