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Legislative Tracking

IQ is the only CRM tool on the Hill that provides integrated, interactive legislative tracking tools with real-time insights into member voting histories, constituent demographic data, legislative tracking templates and more. 


LegiStats is a proprietary legislative/demographics tool built directly into IQ that provides aggregated demographic data on your constituents broken down by state, Congressional district and county. Detailed data points like voting history, education levels, estimated income and many more are presented in graphical format allowing for easy interpretation of complex information. LegiStats gives you the ability to tie individual legislative actions to related bills, assign to a staffer for monitoring and even track legislative success rates. 

Member Database

IQ is delivered at no extra charge with an interactive Member Database including the most up-to-date contact information for every sitting Member of Congress plus complete voting histories going back to 2001. IQ users can conduct voting analysis to track how often and when a Member crossed party lines on a specific vote.