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Constituent Services

IQ is built with dozens of service templates at your fingertips for the common requests every Congressional office receives like tour requests, flag requests, casework, grant management, academy nominations and help navigating federal bureaucracy. See how easy it is to track, manage and complete constituent services requests in IQ.


IQ comes with dozens of pre-loaded casework templates that guide your office through the most common service requests like tour requests, flaq requests, help with federal agencies, academy nominations or even emergency help during international travel. IQ makes it easy to track and complete these services, from simple one-step processes to complex requests requiring multiple approvals and collaboration with officials outside your office. IQ even helps you connect with the appropriate external resources for each request by recommending agency contacts based on the request type.

Streamlined Access

The role of caseworkers in most Congressional offices is as important as it is specific. IQ can be set-up so that these critical staffers see only their assigned cases after logging in, with no extra navigation needed. This custom configuration reduces clicks, saves time, and allows caseworkers to focus on their most important work and top priorities.

Web-Based Service Requests

Constituents can start new service requests from your official website that flow automatically into IQ with no manual data entry or processing required. Your constituents simply fill out an encrypted web form online and all of the pertinent data is automatically populated into the appropriate IQ service template and even routed to the appropriate caseworker with a notification that they have a new request waiting for processing.

Automated Service Status Updates

Providing status updates on the thousands of requests your office receives each year can be a full-time job of its own. IQ is the only CRM on the Hill that offers real-time, online status tracking for service requests. When constituents open a new service request on your website, they receive a PIN number that allows them to return to your website and self-serve updates as often as they like, 24/7.